P2E and Web3 Game Watch: The Gaming Week in Review (October 28 – November 4, 2022)

The top 10 of P2E games includes more Web2 projects with the addition of tokens and NFT.

In the past few months, interest has shifted from games with a heavy leaning toward crypto projects, and into Web3 space. Web searches reflected this trend, and P2E gamers also shifted toward well-built games with the option to earn. Interest in startups that sell NFT or tokens, but have not completed their gameplay, has waned. Projects like The Sandbox, The VulcanVerse, Mobox and others continued going strong, and interest also shifted to the WEMIX ecosystem with its complex, ready-made games.

Top Events of the Week

Leading Games by Number of Users

The top 5 of P2E and Web3 games remains relatively unchanged, but the top 10 is mode dynamic. The list now excludes former star Axie Infinity, but brought in newly peaking games like Benji Bananas and Nine Chronicles. Both games have Web3 features, added after both games were already built and had accrued a user base. Benji Bananas also gains Polygon peak users when distributing its regular rounds of rewards.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds232.51K241.14K
Farmers World76.61K76.28K
Benji Bananas45.71K42.25K
X World Games26.39K24.48K
Era 7: Game of Truth23.67K

Hot Events and Airdrops

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens keeps recovering, reaching $6.16B, reflecting the remaining interest in blockchain gaming. However, the gameplay has taken precedence over token trading or investments.

NFT trading remains more subdued, though some of the games retain a significant part of their value. Web3 games shift to using NFT in the form of passes, whitelisting spots, or require NFT ownership to access exclusive events.

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